Author Topic: Daily access to "Amateur Radio News", "ARRL News" and WORLD-WIDE nets on 441.650  (Read 1651 times)


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I setup my Brenham 441.650 repeater to play the "Amateur Radio News" and "ARRL News" to play each morning.

It will play one or the other each morning at 6am.

On Saturdays and Sundays it will play one and 6am and the other at 8am.

This will give us something to listen to while enjoying our morning coffee while we are all stuck at home...

This repeater also hosts several WORLD-WIDE nets on a daily basis that you may want to tune into -

Houston AMSAT net - Each Tuesday Evening at 8pm local time
Alaska Morning Net - daily except for Sundays at 12pm local time until 3pm local time
WIN system Tech Net - Each Friday night at 9pm local time
WIN System Insomniac Net - Daily at midnight until 2am local time

This repeater also connects to the WIN system, a WORLD-WIDE network of repeaters on a daily basis at 9am-11:45am and 3pm-7:45pm.

This should give all of us something to listen to and someone to talk to while we are at home staring at four walls, cleaning our closets and trying not to go a bit stir-crazy!

The 441.650 repeater has a PL of 110.9 in and out.


Bill - N5MBM